Article publié par Natacha Brunelle

Recovery from drug abuse is a complex process in which motivation is central. The focus of this article is on drug-dependent people’s experiences with sources that influence their motivation to change. The sample in our study was comprised of 127 drug-dependent adults identified in criminal courts, hospital emergency departments and Health and Social Services Centres in Quebec (Canada). Two-third of the sample consisted of men of 38 years old on average. Semistructured interviews and thematic content analyses were conducted. The results from the participants’ point of view regarding their recovery experience indicate that certain sources of influence may help increase or maintain motivation. These sources can be personal or servicerelated. Caseworkers may help increase or maintain drug-dependent people’s motivation for change by being humble, patient and empathetic, and by making efforts to collaborate with other caseworkers in various services, at every step, including detection and referral, of the service trajectory.

Brunelle, N, Bertrand, K. Brochu, S., Landry, M., Flores-Aranda, J. and Patenaude, C. (2015) Recovery from substance use. Drug dependent people’s experiences with sources that motivate them to change. Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, 22(3),301-307.

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